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Paper Bag Making Machine

Role Of Paper Bag Making Machine In Environment Protection
In order to reduce the environment pollution and to reduce the effect of global warming, paper related products needed to be manufactured rather than producing plastics related products. Reason is, paper can be contacted into the earth, since it belongs to the organic material, whereas, plastics cannot be contacted into the earth, since it belongs to inorganic material. When inorganic materials are fired, it causes the pollution and thereby induces more effect towards global warming. In order to reduce the demand over paper, India has presence of several paper manufacturing companies within which paper bags have been produced by application of paper bag making machines. These machines are designed under the complete guidance of our high experts and skilled professionals. All the parts contained within this machine is made up of high quality steel, high grade machines and best qualified raw materials. Iron steels being used in this machine is resistant to corrosion, so that, it will not get damaged due to any corrosion as soon.

Qualified Machines:
These paper bag making machines are designed in such a way that it will live for long time and it induces the durability. It is involved in performing simple operations and hence no need of high maintenance which in turns refers to low maintenance cost. These machines are implemented with eleven sub parts and they are 4 folding pockets, 4 parallel fold machines and 3 deflectors. It is made with customized options and this is to mainly make our user feel comfortable to work along with. We have designed this machine in a way such that it can be used for parallel folding applications. The paper bags made by these machines have several purposes like packing items and to carry the items in the form of carry bag. We are the suppliers of these machines with various fulfilling conditions such as easy maintaining, excellent finish and corrosion resistant.

Model MMW 101
Size : 34” Large
12 x 18 CMS Min to 42 x 60 CMS Max. Flat
12 x 18 CMS Min to 36 x 50 CMS Max. Satch
70 to 125 bags per minute with Depend on quality of material
Model MMW 102
Size : Medium
10 x 17 CMS Min to 28 x 36 CMS Max. Flat
10 x 17 CMS Min to 20 x 36 CMS Max. Satch
Floor Space Required 14 ft. x 10 ft. without printing
Model MMW 103

Size: Baby
7 x 15 CMS Min to 10 x 16 CMS Max. Flat
7 x 15 CMS Min to 10 x 16 CMS Max. Satch
18 ft X 10 ft. With Printing
Drive : 3 HP AC & DC 1440 RPM Required
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