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Core Cutting Machine
Core Cutting MachineWe have improved the machine by adding many features in the new design.
1) T-slot arrangement for moving the cutter blade( with cutter holder) in the longitudinal direction, to adjust the spacing between the cutter blades to cut the total length paper tube into desired pieces of different lengths as desired.
2) Provided nylon sleeve to prevent touching of the cutter blade to the mandrel surface which grips the paper tube and rotates along with it. PVC pipe can also be used instead of the nylon sleeve.
3) This is a semiautomatic machine, cutter blade fed by pneumatic means; only loading and unloading of the paper tube is done manually.
4) Provision is also made for moving the cutter blade individually independent of each other. This allows for longer usage of the same cutter blade until it wears to such an extent that, regrinding is not possible. This is to compensate for different rate of wear of different cutter blades( if they are mounted on the same member)
5) This is completely a new design and all the parts are fabricated as per the design.
6) The machine frame is designed for strength, buckling......using ansys
7) Mandrel and other components are designed by analytical calculations and then checked with the ansys software for comparison.
8) Bending moment diagrams are plotted using MATLAB software.

This is a complete design and fabrication project, which tests the skills of a mechanical engineer.
Total cost- 28,050 /- Rs considering only the raw material cost.
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