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Carry Bag Making Machine
Carry Bag Making Machine

Purpose Of Carry Bags In This World
When compared to plastics bags, carry bags are often defined to be re-usable and re-productive and hence there are several companies are there to manufacture these carry bags. We are one of the largest producers of carry bag making machines, and we are known to the people by our name Mohindra Mechanicals. We have designed all of our machines with various specifications as required by our customers. Machines are also available with customized options which will make the user to feel satisfied with the fulfillment of their requirements. One can use these machines to produce both flat bags and satchel carry bags. All of the machines are designed after collecting various reviews from customers and technical persons in order to produce the product with complete customer satisfaction. Apart from all the internal and necessary requirements, there are also several extra features contained in this machine.


These machines are designed with the highly durable materials which can make this machine to live for long time. Anyone can expect the high performance as the output from the machine with no need of high maintenance. This makes the machine to be available with low maintenance cost. All of the raw materials used behind the design of these machines are very qualified, since they are bought from the trusted vendors. All the steel materials used in this machine is highly graded one. The design of these machines will be rigid and sturdy in its look which is reduced to its vibration level and the machine is

Model MMW 101
Size : 34” Large
12 x 18 CMS Min to 42 x 60 CMS Max. Flat
12 x 18 CMS Min to 36 x 50 CMS Max. Satch
70 to 125 bags per minute with Depend on quality of material
Model MMW 102
Size : Medium
10 x 17 CMS Min to 28 x 36 CMS Max. Flat
10 x 17 CMS Min to 20 x 36 CMS Max. Satch
Floor Space Required 14 ft. x 10 ft. without printing
Model MMW 103

Size: Baby
7 x 15 CMS Min to 10 x 16 CMS Max. Flat
7 x 15 CMS Min to 10 x 16 CMS Max. Satch
18 ft X 10 ft. With Printing
Drive : 3 HP AC & DC 1440 RPM Required
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